Microcredito FSE

Born from a considerable resource from the POR FSE 2007-2013 - Regione Campania (European Social Fund), in a particular moment in history.

Financial exclusion

The deep global crisis has generated a long recession period. Like many other countries, the European Union and Italy are going through a hard time, with million companies and people being affected.

There are countless negative consequences, such as the ever-growing troubles encountered by those who need credit, but can’t provide adequate guarantees. This is what is largely known as financial exclusion.

Non-bankable individuals

Italian banks have been adopting stricter criteria to grant credit, according to the latest European Union agreements.

Credit crunch is sensibly increasing the number of non-bankable individuals. That’s where public and private organisations intervene, by launching several microcredit projects.

The microcredit

Microcredit projects are usually confined to a small area (e.g.: city or province) and the budget available is generally quite low.

Over the last years, social microcredit initiatives have grown in number, mainly addressed to families. On the other hand, “entrepreneurial microcredit” for whoever has a business idea is less congruous.

That’s the context where the Microcredito FSE, managed by Sviluppo Campania on behalf of Regione Campania, originates. The fund for entrepreneurial microcredit is based upon considerable resources from the POR FSE 2007-2013, in order to mainly help young people, women and disadvantaged individuals.

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